Saturday, August 17, 2019

Rev. R.T. Caldwell

The 1930's were incredible years for Barnett Church.
The educational building, what we now use as our fellowship hall, was named Caldwell Annex,
for the person who did more than any other, to make our church a dream come true.
Rev. Caldwell served not only Benson Springs, as Enterprise was called for a few years but also DeLeon Springs,
Paola, Lake Mary and Ebenezer churches. Mr Milton Lord and Rev. Erison were assistants.
1933 to 1935, Rev. Holmes Logan who was in charge of the print shop of the Orphanage also assisted in work of the church and circuit.
In 1933, "The Arcade" a building in Enterprise was being torn down.
Our church had increased greatly in numbers by this time so an Educational Annex was needed.
The building committee for the annex was Mr. C.R. Shannon, William I. Padgett and Rev. Caldwell.
As the building plans began to take shape, Prayers were again answered,
The Brock House Hotel was also being torn down and our church was given the main stairs of this building.
Measurements were taken and the stairs could be placed in the church fully intact, just as they were removed from the hotel.
    If these stairs could only speak!
    Many a tale could be told of the famous people who climbed them.
    To name a few would be:
    General Ulysses S. Grant
    Colonel Halford
    General William Sherman
    Members of the Vanderbuilt Family
    Samuel Frederick deBary
    Harriet Beecher Stowe, Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, who once wrote:
    "No dreamland on earth can be more unearthly in its beauty
    and glory than the St. Johns in April."
Nearly every man in town helped to put the roof on the new annex.
Furniture came in from all over the state, people were happy to help any way they could.
In May 1935 a picture of Rev. Caldwell was unveiled and placed above the hall mantel where it can be viewed to this day.
The educational building was named Caldwell Annex for the person
who did more than any other to make the educational annex a dream come true.