Tuesday, July 16, 2019

1908 - 1923

The year was 1908, four ladies, Emma and Tina Tucker, Hattie Brooks and Jennie Quackenboss formed a
Methodist Church Organization in Enterprise, Florida.
Rev. H.F. Harris was the first pastor. He was the pastor from 1908 to 1912.
     Aletha Bond Evans (left), daughter of Mrs. Virginia Sauls Quackenboss (right)
     Aletha was the first child to join the newly formed church.
     She was Baptized here in 1912.
From 1919 to 1923, Rev. W.T. Rencher was pastor
Under Rev. Rencher's guidance, a building fund was started to build a church building.
Hattie Brooks gave the first donation of $100.00 for what would later become Barnett Memorial United Methodist Church 
  During those early days, church members would hold
  services in their homes, the hotel Brock House, the Chapel and
  the Community Building of the Children's Orphanage. 
  Many delightful services were held out doors on the Brock House
  lawn near the old dock where river steamers docked on trips
  to and from Jacksonville.
Rev. Lugwig Osier was the pastor from 1912 to 1913
Rev. W.J.Hartless from 1913 to 1917
Rev. M.C. Eads from 1918 to 1919