Saturday, August 17, 2019

1923 - 1929

Pastor's from the early years were:
Rev. John Chapman, 1923 - 1924
Rev. A.A. Godfrey, 1924 - 1926
Rev. B.M. Montgomery, 1926 - 1927
Rev. E.L. Hollady, 1927 - 1928
Rev. W.O. Troutman, 1928 - 1929
The first record this church has of any official action was a resolution
asking the Board of Church Extension for a donation for a church and parsonage.
This was recorded on May 27, 1927. 
 A building committee was formed February 4, 1929.
 The committee members were L.P. Hagin,
 D.R. Shannon, Dr. George M. Fowles, Mrs. Hattie G. Brooks
 and Rev. R.H. Barnett
 Rev. Barnett, the financial agent of the Methodist Orphanage,
 asked for permission to solicit funds throughout the conference.
 Permission was granted as this church would serve the
 community, Staff Members and Children of the Orphanage. 
A promise was given not to go into debt for the building, but to build as funds came in.
In 1923, the trustees of the Orphanage (now the Florida United Methodist Childrens Home) deeded to the trustees
of the Methodist Organization, a lot, upon which the foundation for the church was poured in 1929.
It is recorded at the Volusia County Court House.
Rev. Barnett became supervisor of the construction.
Work was postponed several times due to lack of funds.
In June 1929, the cement foundation was laid and R.E. Smedley of Deland was hired with Rev. Barnett as supervisor.
In July 1929,
The Bank of Deland where our building fund money of about $900.00 was deposited closed its doors.
(Rev. Barnett's challenge, the onset of The Great Depression)
Work had to stop.
After many prayers… Many good people came to the aid of their church.
Five weeks later Rev. Barnett had more funds in hand and construction began again.