Saturday, August 17, 2019

1929 - 1934

John 15:16
You did not choose Me, I chose you.
I appointed you that you might go out and produce fruit
and that your fruit should remain,
so that whatever you ask the Father in My name, he will give you.
17 This is what I command you: Love one another. 
     Rev. R.T. Caldwell (left) and a plasterer from Tampa, gave their
     time and services to do all the masonry work.
     Donations came in for one or more blocks.
     They were being sold for ten cents a block.
     Nursery and Primary classes all over the state sent in money for blocks. 
     The pulpit Bible was given in memory of Miss Emma Tucker (left)
     and Miss Tina Tucker by Doris, Euretta, Zona and Alma Faber.
    Rev. D.B. Sweat (left), Chairman of the Board of Stewards and Editor           
    of the "Orphans Friend", a paper published on the Orphanage Campus   
    The pews were made by Rev. D.B. Sweat,
    older boys of the Orphanage and local town carpenters
     The piano had been donated several years
     before by Mrs. Hattie Brooks (left)  
     The piano was brought to the church 
     and tuned especially for this service.
     R. C. Shannon (left), Superintendent of the Methodist Orphanage,                        
     donated the heavy table that served as the Communion Table,
     it was made by a local carpenter from lumber secured from the Brock House. 
Dr. James H. Glass donated wiring and electrical fixtures
Flowers were gathered from every garden in town and autumn leaves added a bright color. 
Finally... on Thanksgiving Day 1929, a "DREAM" came true.
The first service was held in our new church.
There was seating capacity for two hundred and fifty people.
The Sanctuary was filled to overflowing with people having to stand.
The first service was arranged by pastor Rev. R.T. Caldwell, Rev. D.B. Sweat and R. C. Shannon