Saturday, August 17, 2019

Rev. R.H. Barnett

   Under the leadership of Rev. R.H. Barnett (left),
   and with the help of many friends...
   A building committee was formed on February 4, 1929
   and our church, opened it's doors for the first worship service
   that Thanksgiving Morning 1929
The first service, "Giving Thanks for Everything" was presented by Rev. R.H. Barnett.

Records from the early years show an average attendance of 178 with 194 attending Sunday School.

The original name of our church was Enterprise Methodist Church

During the October 1934 Charge Conference, the congregation approved a name change
from Enterprise Methodist Church to Barnett Memorial Methodist Church,
giving this name in honor of Rev. R.H. Bamett of Lakeland Florida,
who worked so hard to help see this dream come true.
The official dedication... and our first worship service under the name
Barnett Memorial Methodist Church took place Thanksgiving Day 1934
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